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As a charity, we run on the kindness and giving of others. Whether you are committed to this ministry by volunteering your time, prayer, skills or finances, we are grateful because we’re able to do this work because of you. Those who have found mentors and coaches testify to the impact on their life and leadership.

Financial Support

Any financial gift you are able to give allows us to continue the work that started five years ago at the heart of the Christian community. As the digital hub for Christian mentoring and coaching in the UK we get to support the development of not just coaches and mentors, but also coachees and mentees hoping for the right partnership to help them as they take their next step in life.

For those giving monetary gifts, 100% of your contribution goes towards the operations of The Christian Coach and Mentor network.

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Other Support

We know that there are many more that need our services, so here are other ways that you can help The Christian Coach and Mentor Network:

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  • Please share our website with friends and family
  • Let your church know about us
  • Encourage Mentors or Coaches that you know to connect with us
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